Showing Your Work

Chroma Gallery is a unique community-based exhibition and events space. We operate on the premise that local artists should have the opportunity to show their work in a professional gallery setting.

Chroma Gallery offers non-juried theme group shows and are open to artists of all levels. Artwork must conform to the theme and size limits specified for each show, and be for sale. We also require that artwork meet minimum professional standards in framing and execution. While this is open to interpretation, it generally means that work must be clean, dry, and have a secure means of display. We reserve the right to refuse work that is deemed unsafe for public display, extremely fragile, inappropriate or lacking a method to hang securely.

Shows are open to artists from all Bay Area counties unless otherwise stated in the call for entries. We do not offer shipping services. Work must be dropped off and picked up in person on the days specified for each show. Entry forms and labels will be available at the gallery and may be filled out at the same time as dropping off artwork.

Chroma Gallery usually charges a fee of $15 per entry, for 1 to 3 pieces (depending on the show), and a commission on sales of 45%. These fees go towards operating expenses for the gallery. While we are not yet a non-profit, we operate as one.

Shows are promoted by posters and handbills, in calendar listing in local press, and on social media, including the Chroma website and Facebook page, and the SOFA District Facebook page. We encourage all participating artists to also promote on their own networks. Every show has an opening reception for the artists with refreshments and live music, and often a closing party as well. Since we opened in 2014 these events have evolved into lively social gatherings and are typically attended by 100+ people.

Upcoming group shows at Chroma Gallery listed below. Dates subject to adjustment. Please see ‘Call for Entries’ for full details as they become available

Aug/Sept 2017: Sightings, photography

Oct/Nov 2017: Secret Identities, a show of masks and mask related artwork.

Dec 1, 2017 to mid-Jan, 2017: Small Works. Size limit 12″ in any direction. Wall hanging work only in any media.


Opening reception for ‘Flight’ Sep 2016