Crossing Boundaries

Solidarity by Simmon

Friday June 2 – Saturday July 22, 2017

Reception for Artists Friday June 2, 5-8pm. Coincides with SOFA District First Friday Open Studios

Boundaries, real and metaphorical, are inherent in the human condition. In the global political climate in which we find ourselves today, monuments to division, whether physical – a “big, beautiful wall” – or idealogical, such as racist and nationalistic policies, can become catalysts for creativity and activism.

Crossing Boundaries is an opportunity for artists to confront and to cross the barriers separating us, creating discourse across borders. Themes include displaced populations, refugees, immigration, gender identity, personal and emotional boundaries.

Artists: Vasiliki Argyris, Cade Burkhammer, Will Chubb, Connie Cook, James D. Curtis, Eugen Donner, Gini Fenley, Simmon Factor, Tia Factor, Barbara Goodman, Tim Haworth, Laura Ho, Ceylan Kerasapan-Crow, Noelle Oxenhandler, Linda Dove Pierson, Douglas Snyder, Laurie Wachter, David Walker, Eric Wallen