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Art by Simmon

VanGogh's Odyssey

This is the autobiography of Vincent VanGogh, 19th century Bodhisatva. A recent mixed media collage/painting by Simmon Factor currently on the wall at Chroma.

Garden concerts

Even though last Saturday was hot, we had a good turnout for the latest of our Garden Concerts to benefit KRCB. Kevin Russell and His So-Called Friends performed a range of eclectic Americana and humorous songs, each taking turns at the mike and jamming on guitar, mandolin, fiddle and bass.

Kevin and friends

Monthly long-pose session


long poseArtists are invited to our weekly figure drawing group which meets Thursdays from 6 to 9pm. Most weeks we sketch from a nude model and the poses are usually from 2 to 20 minutes long. But, each third Thursday we devote the whole session to one long, clothed pose. You can bring paints and easels, though smelly solvents are not welcome.

Small Works Show 2015

Participating artists: Janet Barocco, Chris Beards, Janelle Black, Kate E. Black, Bonnie Boren, Lynette Lux Bourne, Jane Brenner, Brian Catlett, Crystal Cissell-Anderson, Deborah Cushman, Lynn C. Davis, Donna DeLaBriandais, Linda Dove-Pierson, Ellen Draper, Jain Pollock Fairfax, Sandy Frank, Chantelle Goldthwaite, Jasmine Gonzales, Elaine Greenwood, Ross M. Grossman, Scott Hall, Barbara Harris, Beaver Hensley, Kirk Hinshaw, Lorna Hu, Kathryn Kelsey, Monica Lee-Boutz, Alice Leichter, Pia McKenna, Marjorie Murray-Cortez, Marie Nelson, Nicola Newton, Erinn Pavese, Kenneth Pelletier, Barbara Poole, Jessica Rasmussen, Wayne Reynolds, Jonnie Russell, Tamra Sanchez, Dan Scannell, Sherrie H. Sinclair, Spence Snyder, Susandra Spicer, Cynthia Swann-Brodie, Steve Swenston, Rakshika Thakor, Gary Tharler, Debi Tucker, Diane Toso, Fred Vedder, Henry Veolin, Eric Wallen, Rebecca Waxman, Joel Yau, Judiyaba, Pat Wiesler, Craig Wilcox, Char Wood, Ellen Zabrowski

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