Mask-Arrayed Entry Form

Show Dates  October 1 – November 16, 2014. Submit your artwork to Chroma Gallery with this form attached to the back and your entry fee on Saturday, September 27 between 12 and 4pm, or Sunday, September 28 between 11 and 3pm.

Enter a maximum of 2 pieces. Entry fee is $15/one entry or $25/two entries. High school students ages 14-18 may enter one piece for $5.00. If your work is not accepted to show there will be no charge.

Pick up unsold work Wed. November 18 or Thur. November 19 between noon and 4pm.  Artists are responsible for insurance for their art. Although all reasonable precautions will be taken to assure the saftey and security of the art, artist releases the property owner and Chroma Gallery, and anyone associated with this exhibition of liability for theft or damage to the art cause by forces beyond our control.

I hereby agree and accept any or all risk to my art during this exhibition.


Drop Off Date:_________________________  Initial:______________

Pick Up Date: _________________________  Initial:______________


Your Name __________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________

Phone number ___________________________________________

e-mail __________________________________________

Title _______________________________________________


Entry fee (1 piece $15, 2/$25)  $ _______

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