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NATURAL VISIONS: Artwork by Simmon Factor

Saturday, March 4 through April 28, 2017

on view in the Display Gallery at

Spring Lake Village, 5555 Montgomery Drive, Santa Rosa

Call Simmon 707-293-6051 for a personal tour of the art

With the confidence acquired from many years of paintings, drawing and teaching, Simmon creates in a versatile variety of styles and media. In this exhibit you see a sample of the themes and series which the artist returns to again and again. Inspired by previous works, he’ll add rich, multiple layers, building patterns, filling the surface with color and beauty.

Themes include local wildlife, faces and figures, homes, music, relationships and always – nature.

The model disrobes

The model disrobes, steps upon the platform and she takes a pose. At tables and easels the artists are ready, their charcoals are poised, and as their eyes travel around and through the models curves and shadows, the hands work to capture the gesture on paper.

Sessions usually begin with several short poses, sometimes only minutes long. This ritual, in addition to being a warm-up for the longer poses to follow, teach the artists to quickly connect their eyes and hands with the drawing.

Watching the artist rather than the model, you see them look up every few seconds roving their gaze around the model. They memorize the curve of a muscle and transfer that line to the paper, moving around the figure and capturing various relationships, such as the length of a forearm and how it drapes over the belly making a shadow there.

The Pleasure of Collecting

Why do we purchase and collect art?

Ars longa, vita brevis: Life is fleeting, art is eternal.

Acquiring art requires more than money or formal art history training, instead what is essential is passion and an eye for quality. Deeply personal, what you choose to collect and place on the wall offer your family and descendants, your friends too, a unique visual perspective into your biography. The satisfaction they brought you, the exhilarating pleasure they gave, live on . Art depends on people to treasure it.

Mind maps & dream stages



Prepare to be amazed! Visit the new show at Chroma, Visible Dreams and walk into a dream.

You’ll experience optical illusions and visual puns created with meticulous technical skills, as well as, paintings and drawings which spring forth with brush and pencil from the accidental mind in a subconscious state.

Now thru December 3.

Bootleg Honeys

Bootleg Honeys

Another terrific KRCB Concert in the Garden on Saturday, July 16. The Bootleg Honeys singing and playing their original songs and more sweet Americana music. The audience for the backyard concerts continues to grow. The best attended concert, yet!

Art by Simmon

VanGogh's Odyssey

This is the autobiography of Vincent VanGogh, 19th century Bodhisatva. A recent mixed media collage/painting by Simmon Factor currently on the wall at Chroma.